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Do you know of any jewelry books that maybe helpful?

So many ideas for making jewelry - how do we catch those visions in our mind's eye and turn them into 3-dimensional, wearable pieces of jewelry?

Many people who make jewelry do not have a formal education in jewelry making, but with the right tools and jewelry making parts, they are able to create beautiful objects and jewelry designs. In addition to jewelry findings, filigrees, charms, beads, hand tools, and the like, another useful tool in jewelry making is the vast array of jewelry making books. Some jewelry books offer step-by-step instruction with detailed illustrations, some offer jewelry making kits with instructions, and some are books of jewelry photographs providing inspiration and style direction. Below is a short list of various jewelry making and jewelry design books, which may be helpful to anyone with an interest in making jewelry.

"Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry"
Marcia "Sparkles" Brown

"200 Years of American Manufactured Jewelry and Accessories"
Suzanne Marshall

"The Chain & Crystal Book"
Wendy Simpson Conner

"Creative Bead Jewelry"
Iva Greisinger

"The Jeweler's Art"
Alice Sprintzen

"The Creative Jeweler"
S. McSwiney, P. Williams, C.C. Davies, J. Davies

"Jewelry Making for School, Tradesmen, and Craftsmen"
Murray Bovin

"The Design and Creation of Jewelry"
Robert VonNeumann

"Jewelry Making for Beginners"
Edward S. Soukup

"Jewelry Designs: The Artisan's Reference"
Elizabeth Oliver

"The Complete Book of Making Jewelry:
Carles Cordina

"Jewelry: Contemporary Design & Technique"
Chuck Evans

"Basic Jewelry Making"
Jinks McGrath

"Jewelry: Two Books in One"
Madeline Coles

"Beads and Cabachons: How to Create Fashion Earrings & Jewelry"
Patricia Lyman

"Treasures to Keep: How to Create Your Own Treasure Necklace"
Margaret Fleming

"Contemporary Wire Wrapped Jewelry"
C.K. Leonard and W.A. Kappele

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