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Can you add a hole to this finding ?

We can almost always add a hole to our findings, the question really is can we add a hole the size, location, and quality that you need, in a manner that is cost effective enough for you to use  the particular finding in question to solve your design and production problems, and the answer to this question is...sometimes yes, sometimes, no.

  • First let's deal with the size of the hole and the size limitations. It is not effective to add a hole to a finding with the punching or piercing method with a hole diameter that is less than the material is thick. For example: if the finding is made of .025 material, you cannot add a hole of .025 diameter. You could add a hole of .027 diameter, or you could add a hole of .032 diameter, but not .024, .025, .020.
  • The next concern is where on the finding you need the hole added. If the surface front and back is flat where you want to add the hole, then generally there is no problem. However when this is not the case when the punch is driven through the piece into air before above the die you risk the chance of the piece collapsing. Occasionally the piece is structured as such that it will not collapse under the pressure of the piercing of the hole but you will end up with an enlarged burr on the back of the piece.
  • If you should decide to punch a hole from the back of the piece to the front of the piece, in order to gain the support of the die, you may not crush the piece, but you’re still going to have a burr, only this time the burr will appear on the front or the embossed part of the piece.’s that for a complex answer to a simple question? In essence it's almost impossible to answer this question in a broad, general terms. However, if you have a specific finding and a specific hole size and location in mind, give us a call. We’ll be glad to work out a quote and specifics with you.

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