Bird finding with 3 loops added to bottom.

Jewelry Findings, Charms 
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Does this finding come with a loop or a ring ?

In many cases we have standard tooling that produces the finding with a loop or loops, in many cases we do not. As far as our ability to add the loop cost effectively, there are a few factors to consider. The first and foremost is, does the original finding tooling and master hub allow for additional sufficient material in the coining or embossing process to add a loop or loops  to the finding, in the required location without entirely retooling the item. If the master hub and embossing tools do allow material, then most cases the answer to the question is yes, but additional simple tooling would be required and we would be happy to quote you what the minimum would be and the additional charge for piercing the loop.

In other cases the master hub and coining or embossing station do not allow sufficient material for simply adding a ring to the piece, and the tooling process would be far more expensive, but it can always be done.

If you have a particular finding in mind, please let us know the finding number, the loop size you’d like and the location and we'll let you know the story as soon as possible.


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