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Jewelry items can be packed in paper bags, polybags, plastic, cardboard, or metal boxes. Cardboard boxes are available with matching lids or see-through plastic lids. Metal jewelry boxes can be hinged or have a removable lid. Bags and pouches can be plain or printed with your company name and contact information on them. Plastics can be hot-stamped with your logo, if you desire and are available in a rainbow of colors as well.

Jewelry packaging supplies for shipping are also varied. Corrugated boxes, which come in a large assortment of sizes and shapes, are, it would seem, most frequently used in the costume jewelry trade. Corrugated boxes are graded by different test weights, which is the ability of the box to hold up under different product weights in the course of normal shipping routines. The higher the test weight, the stronger the box. The classic 2-part hard cardboard "mailer" box is also frequently used as jewelry packaging.

Other packaging supplies include box staples and tape. Many volume shippers staple the bottom of their boxes with large staples, which are then sometimes taped over with reinforced tape. Clear tape, masking tape, and fiberglass tape are also used to seal a box.

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