I recently realized my hobby has turned into a business and I need some kind of jewelry inventory system, I know you make findings but do you have any experience building jewelry inventory systems ?

I would use Microsoft access to build my system.

The first thing to do in setting up a computerized inventory system is to establish a simple data base of 2 maybe 3 tables. The first table would be your master table where each item is assigned a product code number and it would resemble  the following. By setting up a master table you will eliminate the need for keeping different tables for different types of inventory. It also sets up your system from the beginning for maximum flexibility which is essential for a business to prosper for anything but the shortest term.

Also, not knowing how much disk space etc you have I might add a 4th field to this table for a picture ( thumbnail) of the part





Part Number

Part Description

Inventory Type


1 Blue bead 15 mm round  Component  
2 filigree base Component

3 Blue bead necklace Finished product  
4 Amber bead 7 mm Component  
5 4 X 6 Poly bag Packaging  
6 .095 wire Raw Material  
7 Blue bead bracelet Finished product  
8 Filigree Brooch Finished Product  
9 Blue bead 7 mm no hole Component  
10 Brass flower finding Component


The next step would be to set up the actual inventory table using a structure like the following


Part Number

Quantity on hand

 Unit of 

 Date of last transaction

Set up date

5 1000


04/04/2004 02/01/2003
10 144


06/25/2004 06/25/2004
1 63 pieces 05/01/2004 01/15/2001
8 3


06/01/2004 07/01/1959
6 3.5 pounds 07/06/2004 07/06/2002

The third table I would build  from the beginning although it has nothing to do with inventory control (it will just make life easier if its done early) would be a vendor table and it would look something like this.

Part Number


Vendor part number

1 Bead O'Rama BB15x42-sd
2 6452-1R
4 Bargain Bead   Amber x234
10 8997

As far as transaction recording and the various reports you are going to need, it is best to keep them simple like the data base itself. We hope this little tid bit helps and at least gives you something to work with as you continue building your inventory management system. Keep in mind also that a strong inventory control system can greatly enhance your build to order profits.



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