Jewelry finding master hub shown mounted in a "saddled" die ball with 
an assortment  of Numa Guyot's hand held hub and die cutting gravers.

Jewelry finding hub mounted to be worked on.

Jewelry findings hub with an additional cross section Numa's gravers. 
Note the shape of the graver at about 11 o'clock. Another hub or die 
cutting "tool" was and still is a jewelers loupe.

Jewelry findings hub with hand graving tools.

The next three photos are of a die cutters ball in a "saddle".( The saddle is often called an anvil pillow.
Note how easy it is to achieve just the correct angle for the work being done, helping prevent the abdabs. 
This saves a lot of time and effort for the craftsman. This ball weights about 35 lbs and provides good stability.

Die ball position 1

Die ball position 2

Die ball position 3

die ball saddle

This photo is of the die balls "saddle". It is basically a leather bean bag with a indent in it. The indent is made by the ball itself insuring it to be exactly the right fit.


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