A photo of the jewelry engulfed book cover of Vintage Jewelry, a Price and Identification Guide 1920's to 1940's".

Vintage Jewelry,
A Price & Identification Guide 1920ís - 1940ís
by Leigh Leshner Krause
review by Anna Ferreira

Quality! Quality photos of quality jewelry with a quality text. Who could ask for more in the quest for knowledge about our favorite collectible - vintage jewelry.

"In Vintage Jewelry, A Price Guide and Identification Guide 1920-1940s", author Leigh Leshner (she is also the producer of the award winning video series "Hidden Treasures"), has focused on the white metal and rhinestone jewelry of the 1920s to the 1940s.

This comprehensive, detailed book describes and illustrates the cuts and the shapes of rhinestones and their settings, and defines the many types of white metal used in that time period in the production of this jewelry.

The reader is also given information and tips about collecting jewelry, and then is served with a "plate" of stunning photos, of the most beautiful, desirable vintage white metal jewelry you could wish to own. 

When I closed the book, the sparkle of it all still gleamed before my eyes! This book is a must have !!!


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