Vintage Jewelry for Investment and Casual Wear
by Karen L. Edeen
review by Sandra Todaro

A photo of the jewelryfilled book cover of "Vintage Jewelry for Investment and Casual Wear".


If you are looking for suggestions on how to wear your jewelry, this may be the book for you. 

Karen Edeen and her friends pose prettily throughout the volume in an attractive selection of outfits wearing some lovely jewelry. Now, Iím the type who will wear a rhinestone brooch with a sweatshirt, but I do admit that the ladies look very attractive. 

If youíve wondered when and where to wear your collection, look no further. Itís all covered here - Costume, Copper, Mexican and Native American pieces and itís shown in clear color. 

Advice is also given on collecting jewelry for investment purposes. While we all like to have our collections increase in value, I think most of us collect for the sheer fun of it. Though good investment advice never hurts.

You can tell Ms. Edeen delights in her collection and enjoys sharing it with us. And isnít that what it is all about anyway - having fun?

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