By Diana Cooper and Norman Battershill
Review by Andrea Guyot Twombly

A photo of the book cover from "Vitorian Sentimental Jewelry".

A.S. Barnes & Company|Cranbury, New Jersey 
 | 1972


It is easy to forget the long and powerful influence Queen Victoria had on every aspect of life in England, including the fashions of dress and jewelry, during her reign. This concisely written book tells a story of the history of Victorian Mourning and sentimental jewelry and is a reminder of the Queen and her great affection for Prince Albert and her deep-felt mourning after his death.

Descriptions of the origins and early production of jet and jet jewelry are engaging and offer appreciation for this natural material and the painstaking labor involved in preparing it for jewelry making. The short chapters in this 1972 volume offer many detailed photographs of examples of many styles of Victorian jewelry, including hair jewelry, and the black and white photography is clearly presented.

A bit of poetry throughout adds to the mood of the times about which it is written. Reading this book almost calls for a rainy afternoon, a glowing fire in the fireplace, and a cup of tea to go along.

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