Textile Techniques in Metal
Author Arline M. Fisch

review by Therese Martin

A photo of the book cover from "Textile Techniques in Metal"

Paperbac  176 pages | Lark Books October 28, 2003 | English 
Black and White Photographs  | 
ISBN-10: 1579905145  


Textile Techniques in Metal for Jewelers, Textile Artists and Sculptures is a well-written book on the subject of weaving with metal. The front cover showing a stunning brooch is a most wonderful example of weaving in gold wire by the Arline Fisch named “Zigzag”. 

The beginning chapter starts with historical examples of garments and artifacts blending metal and textiles, giving the reader a great deal about the art form from ancient times. There are stunning examples of necklaces, gold collars, handbags, clothing, and a beautiful courtier’s headdress, in this chapter. These photographs are in black and white, which I would have preferred in color to see their great beauty. 

The next chapter, which covers tools, materials and the process itself, gives the reader information on working with gold, silver, brass, copper and pewter. Each tool, metal, and procedure is covered quite well. This gives the reader the information needed to understand the technique he or she is choosing to do. There are extreme close up photographs to help see exactly what is being done. This is of great help to understand the technique. 

The following chapters cover the weaving, knitting, crocheting, braiding, basketry and knots giving the same attention to detail that was used in the first chapters. As in the proceeding chapters the extreme close up photographs help pinpoint in detail what is being discussed. These photographs are in black and white, which in this instance is an extraordinary help. 

The lack of contrast form color this time actually helps the reader see the technique in the tiniest detail. There are beautiful examples though out this book showing off the metal weaving, braiding, crocheting and knitting that can be archived. 

In the last chapter, Contemporary Work, A Pictorial Survey, there is a stunning array of pieces of all kinds. There is sculpture, jewelry, handbags, and clothing, to out of this world art, all to open up your creative mind. The last part of the book gives the reader information on recommended tools, suppliers for those tools, sizing for hooks and needles, measurements and a bibliography to find more information on each subject.




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