Silver Masters 
of Mexico

by Penny C. Morrill
review by Sandra Todaro


A photo of the book cover from Penny C. Morrill's "Silver Masters of Mexico".








Penny Morrill has followed her first book, Mexican Silver an excellent work co-authored with Carole Berk, with yet another exceptional volume dealing with the glories of silver jewelry and object d’art. Silver Masters of Mexico concentrates on the Taller Border, founded by master silversmith Hector Aguilar. Considered one of the premier artisans of 20th century Mexican silver, Aguilar’s work is documented in meticulous detail. Silver jewelry as well as decorative objects, hollowware, and flatware are shown in profusion along with works in copper, leather, iron and wood. The sheer creative talent of Senor Aguilar boggles the mind and results in a feast for the eyes. Though one is awed by the accomplishments depicted by Aguilar the artist, Hector, the man also comes through in the many interviews and photographs woven through the narrative.

Ms. Morrill also provides additional information and examples of work by artisans who worked with and for Taller Borda. Included are Valentin Viadurreta, Hubert Harmon, Manuel Altamirano, Enrique Ledesma and Reveriano Castillo to name but a few. Interesting sections explore the oganization of the workshops, various hallmarks used, other silversmiths and designers and a list of artisans at the Taller Borda. Unlike far too many jewelry books in recent years, this beautiful volume provides a feast for the mind as well as the eyes. A must for anyone interested in this fascinating and beautiful genre.






Review reprinted with permission

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