Silver Jewelry
by Fred Rezazadeh
review by Sandra Todaro


The book cover from Fredd Rezazadeh's "Silver Jewelry".






If you are interested in silver jewelry in any shape or form, you will be interested in Fred Rezazadeh’s new offering from Collector Books, Silver Jewelry. The author states his intent early on - he wants to show as much silver jewelry from as many countries as possible and also concentrate on those items the average collector is likely to encounter in his or her searches. Well, he certainly does do that. There a pieces from the US, as expected, as well as Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Peru, Persia, Italy, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Israel, Palestine, Spain, France, Switzerland, Siam, China, Japan and other countries. In fact, at times it can all be a bit overwhelming. National marks are discussed, companies are discussed, hallmarks are discussed, current and upcoming artists are discussed. The appendix alone is more than one finds in most books. Believe me, you will have to see to believe it. Hundreds of examples are given throughout the book and while this is wonderful, many of the photographs are small and will be difficult for some readers to see clearly. Mr. Rezazadeh is plainly interested in the subject matter and it is obvious a great deal of work went into this volume. While not suitable for a light bedtime read, it probably deserves to be on your reference shelf.




Review reprinted with permission

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