Sarah Coventry Jewelry;
by Kay Oshel
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the bookcover for the book Sarah Coventry Jewelry.



Kay Oshel, the author of Sarah Coventry Jewelry, states that her goal in this book is to provide even more specific information about Sarah Coventry than is currently available, and to give the Sarah Coventry company it due place in the collecting world. She succeeds. The author’s passion for this collectible is evident on every page, as is her careful research. 

Quality photos of hundreds of beautiful Sarah Coventry designs are captioned with dates, names, marks and cross references. Also featured are collectors’ tips, a glossary, an extensive index and current market values. 

There are photos of catalog material, company newsletters, company promotional items, employee incentives, and comments from former employees. 

These illustrate the close relationship that existed between the company and its workforce, which contributed strongly to its success. Sarah Coventry collectors will love this book. Seekers of vintage jewelry knowledge will appreciate this book. Ms. Oshel has accomplished her dream of being a fabulous "Fashion Show Director" for Sarah Coventry jewelry.

Review reprinted with permission from Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry and the author

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