a Price and Identification Guide  1920 - 1940
by Leigh Leshner
review by Anna Ferreira

Photo of book cover "Rhinstone Jewelry a price and identification guide"


  Leigh Leshner’s book provides comprehensive information on its subject. 

Included are the history of rhinestones, styles and periods, technical data such as cuts and shapes, metals other materials, a guide to collecting and more. 

Collectors will be especially interested in the Price and Identification guide. More than 500 quality photos illustrate a wonderful, diverse and colorful range of beautifully designed and crafted pieces. 

Many hours may be spent looking at these often larger than life pictures of rhinestone jewelry. Compared by the author to "shining stars of the night, sparkling, twinkling," lovers of these "shining stars" will enjoy owning this book.



Review reprinted with permission from VFCJ and the author

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