Rainbow of 
Rhinestone Jewelry
by Lynn Ann Russell and Sandy Fichtner
review by Sandra Todaro

The book cover from "Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry".









Every once in a while a book comes along which almost defies description. Such a book is Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry. This book assembles a collection of pieces which are perfect for the novice collector and those old hands who want a refresher on more common pieces. This book is not one of those chock-full of jewelry with pedigrees. It is more like costuming for the common person. It also is an excellent resource for those items which you might see in your own home town or at a smaller dealer. The authors wisely don’t go for the more expensive pieces, but stick with those things more commonly seen, thus providing the reader a reference for those weekend rummage sales, estate sales, and antiquing jaunts.

There is not a lot of description or dissertation in these pages, but there are a good number of pictures for a book this size. The review copy I saw suffered from having the photos printed a little on the dark side, but this problem will obviously be corrected in subsequent printings for the general market.

There is a very good section on repairing damaged or broken pieces of jewelry. If you buy this book for no other reason, this feature will be enough to attract you. But, there’s more. Add to that cleaning and storage, too.

All in all, this is not a book for someone who has a huge collection or has been in the trade for decades, but if you have someone on your shopping list who’s new to collecting, this book could be a perfect gift.








Review reprinted with permission

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