Popular Jewelry of the 
60íS, 70íS & 80íS
by Roseann Ettinger
review by Sandra Todaro


A photo of the book cover from  Roseann Ettinger's "Popular Jewelry of the 60's, 70's and 80's".












Popular Jewelry of the 60ís, 70ís & 80ís is the third book by Roseann Ettinger. As in her earlier works, Popular Jewelry 1840-1940 and Forties and Fifties Popular Jewelry, this volume concentrates on the jewelry of a particular time frame - in this case the 1960ís -1980ís. Unlike the other books, this works focuses on an era relatively unexplored in popular literature.

Itís only recently that this period had interested more than a small number of collectors. For many, including myself, this jewelry is what we wore in our teens and twenties. Roseann does a lovely job of evoking the Carnaby Street, Earth Mother, psychedelic 60ís with some terrific examples of the period. Who could forget love beads? The minimalist 70ís were marked by the zodiac craze - remember "Whatís your sign?" as well as the Bi-Centennial with its emphasis on patriotic themes and the advent of Jewelry by Avon. The 1980ís saw a return to the glitz and glamour of former years. Butler and Wilson of London started a craze for 20th century period styles, like Art Nouveau and Art Deco. When originals became scarce, they manufactured their own. Their influence is explored as well as the sale of the Duchess of Windsorís jewels in 1987, pop icons like Madonna, glamorous shows such as Dallas and Dynasty, and the fashion impact of the Princess of Wales (a frequent customer of Butler and Wilson).

As with her other books, Roseann concentrates on examples available to collectors. Of course, some pieces are more common than others, but most are within the means of the average collector, all in all, a worthwhile addition to any collectorís bookshelf.









Review reprinted with permission

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