A photo of the book cover from "Make Bracelets".

Make Bracelets
16 Projects for Creating Beautiful Bracelets By Jo Moody  
reviewed by Kristin Lizewski

To break it down, the book covers bracelet basics; bead ideas, creating a design, charm bracelets, and multi-strand bracelets. In these chapters author, Jo Moody, holds the readerís hand through making their very own piece of jewelry. By following the simple instructions, readers can create their own designs using materials that can be found in any crafts store - clay, beads, charms, fabric, metal, recycled materials - or any interesting objects around the house. The author even gives ideas for kids crafts using uncooked macaronis or safety pins! 

If youíre strapped for ideas, the book gives simple and detailed instructions to make specific bracelets, with pictures to help demonstrate the point.

There are chapters offering advice into designing and creating your own bracelets, and a chapter on how to find materials, or make your own - with safety notes depending on what materials you use! - is also included for those bent on originality. 

All you need to make a bracelet are the materials, a little creativity, and this book!

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