Jewelry and Metalcraft
in the Arts and Crafts Tradition
by Elyse Karlin
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the book cover from  Elyse Karlin's "Jewelry and Metalcraft in the Arts and Crafts Tradition".


Jewelry and Metalcraft in the Arts and Crafts Tradition (revised 2nd edition) by Elyse Karlin Zorn was written with a threefold goal. The author wanted "to provide the most comprehensive discussion of the British Arts and Crafts movement, in the area of jewelry and metalwork, to date." While doing this she wished to provide as much information as possible about the lives of the artisans - believing they have not received the recognition they deserved. Finally, because it is her feeling that the British Arts and Crafts designers were the catalyst for all of the art jewelry and metalwork in this "new" style begun around 1890, she wanted to trace how the British movement had a profound effect on the same movement in Europe, Scandinavia and in the United States.

The reader will find that Ms. Karlin has achieved her goal. The detailed, comprehensive text describes fully the birth of this "new art" in England, its designers and craftsmen, its characteristics, materials, motifs, influences and makersí marks, as well as the names of jewelry firms, guilds and schools involved in the movement.

The chapters move on to show the connection between the British and European movements, such as Art Nouveau, as well as the American Arts and Crafts style. Similarities, differences and inter-relations are discussed. Information on particulars such as hallmarks, values and dealers is also included.

Seven hundred photographs, four hundred in color, illustrate beautiful objects and complete making this a very rich and gorgeous book.


Review reprinted with permission

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