The Jeweler’s Directory of Gemstones
Author Judith Crowe
review by Therese Martin

A photo of the colorful book cover from "The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones"

Color Photographs  | 176 pages  | Firefly Books October 9, 2006 | English 
ISBN-10: 1554071666

The Jeweler’s Directory of Gemstones, A Complete Guide to Appraising and Using Precious Stones From Cut and Color to Shape and Settings is a book most jewelers will need eventually if they are going to incorporate gemstones into their work. This book is broken down into three sections; creating gem stones, types of gemstones, and designing with gemstones. Each section has been broken down further into subdivisions. 

The first subdivision; Creating Gemstones, lightly covers in layman terms how gemstones are formed. With a pictorial of the rock cycle, and where the gemstones are mined, many different categories are covered. This subdivision touches on sourcing, mining, usage and supply chains, gemstone properties, all the way through to facets and how to cut your own. All this is done with beautiful close up color photographs, captions and gorgeous examples of jewelry from around the world. There are also very functional diagrams and charts to help the reader break down the information further. 

Section two, Types of Gemstones, the longest of the three sections, covers the numerousness types of gemstones mined today. The thirty-nine chosen cover everything from topaz, garnet, and diamonds to the obscure kyanite, chalcedony and agate to the chrysoberyl. Once again the use of extreme close up color photographs, charts, and amazing jewelry keeps the reader fascinated. In the final section, Designing with Gemstones, the author examines the use of gemstones in your jewelry design. While using the choice of color, settings, size and shape, you can beautifully incorporate these gemstones into your design. 

In the setting subdivision, there are nine types discussed. From claw, illusion, bezel to tension, each of these are shown with line drawings illustrating what the setting should look like. The following subdivision shadows the first giving examples of work and line drawings to illustrate what is being talked about. In this section there are magnificent color photographs of jewelry in their smallest detail, enticing the reader. There is practical advice on handling the gemstones, having them appraised, buying and a large list of resources. Judith Crowe is jeweler and gemstone dealer. Her contributing author, Cally Oldershaw, is gemologist and geologist along with being an author. 



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