Jeweled Bugs and Butterflies

by Marilyn Nissenson & Susan Jonas

Review by Joyce Zakierski Simmons

A photo of the book cover from "Jeweled Bugs and Butterflies" featuring a stunning jeweled dragonfly pin.



As the chapters unfold about creepy crawlers, scarabs, buzzers and stingers, dragonflies, winged women, butterflies and moths, one can only imagine the complexity, habitats, uniqueness and array of colors in each of Gods natural creations. The photography of each jeweled insect is a museum masterpiece. Each piece is identified with historical data, intentionally omitting an unnecessary price guide.

This book is for the dreamer with "oohs and ahs" abounding. There are so many favorites, but one necklace by L.C. Tiffany, c. 1912 of Favrile glass and gold, reminds me of a similar costume bracelet by Coro. So many of these jewels have been imitated by costume jewelry designers. This is the best reason to read the book and admire its contents.


Review reprinted with permission

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