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How to Make Soft Jewelry
Create Stunning Fashion Accents on Your Sewing Machine
By: Jackie Dodson

review by Kristin Lizewski

As the title indicates, you need a bit more knowledge of the arts to create these bracelets. In this helpful and instructive book, author Jackie Dodson helps readers to take their own original bracelets.

The catch - it’s not always just stringing beads or pearls together. Some of her samples require detailed attention to pieces of fabric under a sewing machine. Have no fear there are thorough instructions and diagrams provided for those that aren’t so quick with their fingers!

For the more fabric-challenged, there are a number of ideas for beaded bracelets that include bits of string or yarn in intricate patterns to create visually pleasing designs. For example, the ‘golden pearls stick pin:’ all you need is a some thread - gold metallic looks best! - wire, pearls and a stick pin. Go on to follow the simple instructions, with pictures of course, to make your own piece.

The jewelry featured in this helpful manual is exciting to look through, and provides a starting point for those who know what they want to design but are having trouble finding a starting point.

How To Make Soft Jewelry has helpful suggestions for anyone who has an interest in jewelry making - just be sure you start out with a little patience and a lot of creativity!

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