How to be a Jewelry Detective;
"Elementary" clues to solving the mysteries of jewelry.

by C. Jeanenne Bell, G.G., A.D.
review by Sandra Todaro

A photo of the book cover for C. Jeanenne Bell's "How to be a Jewelry Detective."


Picture this: Youíre at an estate sale and come upon a really wonderful brooch. You know itís old - or at least you think so. Maybe itís gold filled - but maybe itís real gold. How can you tell? Is that a garnet in the middle - or - is it a ruby? And just what do all those numbers inside that ring you just picked up really mean. How about those beads - are they glass, jet, onyx? Could they be gutta percha? And for that matter, what is gutta percha? Whom do you trust? Whom do you ask? You could ask the folks running the sale. Maybe they know - and then again, maybe they donít. Or how about the woman standing next to you - the one that just smashed your fingers with the magnifying glass because you wouldnít let go of that bracelet you picked up first, that sheís decided she wants. Well, look no further. Jeanenne Bellís new book, How to be a Jewelry Detective will guide you through the dangers and pitfalls of jewelry buying. Whether youíre a dealer, collector or just want to know more about jewelry, this book can help you solve the mysteries of jewelry. It is sure to be an invaluable guide to anyone never caught wondering, "Now is this real real, or fake real." A must for your jewelry library.


Review reprinted with permission

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