Gold & Platinum Jewelry 
Buying Guide

How to Judge, Buy, 
Test, & Care for It

by  Renee Newman
review by Kristin Lizewski

Thereís nothing more frustrating than the clasp on a brand new necklace breaking, leaving the jewelry as just a nice design sitting on your desk.

In this educational guide, Renee Newman teaches the wary buyer how to spot quality merchandise to avoid having this problem. This guide explains the basics of gold and platinum, whatís so special about the metals, and terminology to be aware of when buying it.

Knowing the terms the experts know helps when purchasing so you know exactly what youíre getting. For instance, there is a chapter allocated to testing jewelry to be sure its real gold. Newman offers instructions for simple ĎAcid Testing for the Lay Personí as she calls it, of course including safety tips! 

With chapters dedicated to finding the best buy, caring for your jewelry, and appraising the worth of your jewelry, you can not only be stylish and knowledgeable, but with the help of this book you can make a profit off the old jewelry you donít wear anymore with Newmanís tips for selling .All in all, this book is very helpful for those who are not quite sure how to handle the jewelry industry and need an inside look.

If you have questions - The Jewelry Buying Guide has the answers!

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