by Carole Tanenbaum
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the book cover for "Fabulous Fakes, A passion for vintage costume jewelry".



Don’t we, as collectors, simply love to see the treasures of others, to view what makes an individual’s heart flutter, to see someone’s unique expression of appreciation of design, color and workmanship? Carole Tannenbaum has made this possible. In Fabulous Fakes, a book as near perfect as can be, she takes the reader through the history of costume jewelry from the Victorian Era to the 21st century, in a passionate and learned manner.

 All the photos are pieces in her private collection (over 3,500 of them), one developed from her own personal perspective, her favorite decades being the 1950s and 60s. She tells how, in a 1970s viewing of vintage costume jewelry, she was, "immediately drawn to the colors, scale and designs." She ‘was hooked’ and her passion for these fabulous fakes hasn’t abated.

Her hope is that we will look at vintage costume jewelry, "not as a substitute for precious or gemstone jewelry but as a craft with great integrity and beauty unto itself." If this is how you feel, you will love every minute that Fabulous Fakes is open in your hands, pleasing your eyes, your mind and your heart. At least I can start with my jewelry.

Review reprinted with permission from Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry and the author

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