Evolving Southwest Indian Jewelry 
by Nancy Schiffer
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the book cover from "Evolving Southwest Indian Jewelry" featuring photo of a number pieces of Southwest Indian jewelry.    


This newest from the ever prolific Ms. Schiffer documents the evolution of jewelry designs by Indian artists of the American southwest.

Affected by the cultural and economic influences of the past 100 years, these artists responded with a progression of styles and materials from silver, shell, turquoise, gold and more. 

Over 700 beautiful, captioned color photos illustrate myriad designs, which are arranged by type. Belts, buckles, bracelets, menís jewelry, earrings and pins are shown in chronological order and the creators of most pieces are identified with their tribal affiliations. 

An index of these artists is included, as well as a bibliography, information about traders among silversmiths and traditional jewelry making techniques. This is a fascinating, comprehensive book which reflects Ms. Schifferís knowledge and passion for this great American art.


Review reprinted with permission from VFCJ and the author

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