by Sibylle Jargstorf
review by Sandra Todaro

A photo of the  book cover from Sibylle Jargstorf's "Ethnic Jewelry-From Africa, Europe and Asia".

Readers of Sibylle Jargstorf’s other volumes will not be disappointed with her latest work. Ethnic Jewelry from Africa, Europe and Asia is an interesting, informative look at selected traditional costumes and ornaments. As stated by the author, the regions represented contain artifacts still easily accessible to the interested collector. "But there can be no doubt," she states, "that these artifacts tend to disappear eventually because their corresponding social entities are disappearing." 

Therein lies at least part of the fascination these objects hold for us - they are symbols of cultures unlike ours in many significant ways. And with the globalization of culture, many of these will shortly be swallowed up. This is a fascinating look at beautiful objects and the societies they belong to. Even if you have no interest in cultural anthropology, you will find this interesting.


Review reprinted with permission

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