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Crafting as a Business
by Wendy Rosen
reviewed by Gail Sandonato












Studded with essays and quotes by successful artists, this book is a piece of art in itself. The photography and graphic organization are lovely. Examples of modern craft work are scattered throughout the book. There are photographs of shops and pictures of display cases. Side bars give interesting tidbits about doing the work of an "artrepreneur," and quotes by writers and poets on crafting and art highlight many of the pages.

But as lovely as it is, this book is also a serious look at the business of crafting, organized to make the information that the crafter needs readily, and easily, accessible. Whether you chose to sell through galleries or trade shows, or to open your own shop, there is something here that will help.

Worried if you have what it takes to run a business? See "The Beginner's Checklist."

What about copyrights and patents? How do you judge overhead?

Learn six steps to hiring a lawyer or accountant for your business. Then, answer the nine questions that you need to ask yourself about the professionals you hire.

How do you recognize your market? Who is your target customer? What kind of inventory should you carry? What will you do with your children while you work?

The author has developed worksheets to cover almost every need. From deciding on publicity, to building a client database or a website, she offers solid advice to the new marketer.

Ms. Rosen, a former advertising salesperson, is the founder and director of The Rosen Group, supplying support services to crafters. Through The Buyers Markets of American Craft, American Style magazine, and NICHE, The Rosen Group helps crafters develop successful careers. Here in the pages of "Crafting as a Business," the author has gathered an extensive list of resources covering every kind of craft. Anyone seriously thinking of going into the business of professional crafting should keep this book front and center on his personal bookshelf.













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