Charms and Charm Bracelets,
 The Complete Guide
by Joanne Schwartz
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the book cover from Joanne Schwartz's "Charms and Charm Bracelets, The Complete Guide".

Having possessed and loved a most gorgeous charm bracelet replete with the charms marking important occasions in my young life, I was excited to read Ms. Schwartz’s new book. As an avid collector herself, Joanne wanted a complete guide for her collecting passion, charms. Since there was none, she educated herself by acquiring old catalogs, and, as a result, has written the first definitive account of her subject.

Divided into parts, including embellishing charms, history, and specialties, the author covers styles from plastic to gold and from the 19th century to the present. All her research will be useful for collectors to identify and to price their charm collections.

Charm Catalog was especially "charming" with listings such as, "I Need All the Help I Can Get," "Life’s Big Moments," "Love You," to name but a few.

Comprehensive , well organized and beautifully illustrated with over 300 pictures, it’s a one of a kind reference. It made me yearn to replace my old charm bracelet, long lost - but not forgotten.


Review reprinted with permission

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