CAMEOS: A Pocket Guide
by Monica Lynn Clements  & Patricia Rooser Clements
review by Sandra Todaro

The book cover from "Cameos: A Pocket Guide".


  Cameo lovers will be delighted with Schiffer’s latest addition to their Pocket Guide series. As stated by the authors, this volume is intended to serve as a companion to their first book, Cameos: Classical to Costume. The vast collection displayed includes formal carvings of the nineteenth century all the way to the colorful plastic and glass examples frequently found in contemporary costume pieces. 

While not a cameo collector, I found upon reflection that I possess at least ten myself. My first was given to me on my wedding day, a gift from my husband. Numbers two and three were presents from him on the births of our two sons. Number four was a gift from his mother  it had belonged to his grandmother. The others have been acquired in much the same manner. 


What is it about these figural pieces that attracts and holds us, whether they’re shell, rock, lava, glass or plastic? Whatever it is, we’re in good company.

Cameos have attracted and held mankind’s attention for thousands of years and the fascination shows no signs of abating. So, whether you’re a serious collector, a casual browser or a curious neophyte, set aside an hour or two to spend with Cameos: A Pocket Guide. you won’t regret it.

Review reprinted with permission from VFCJ and the author

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