by Dee Battle and Alayne Lesser
review by Sandra Todaro

A photo of the book cover from Dee Battle and Alaybe Lesser's "The Best of Bakelite and Other Plastic Jewelry".

There is an old adage that says "One picture is worth a thousand words." For those who believe this, The Best of Bakelite will need no further recommendation. Going by this formula, the approximately 158 pages of lovely color photographs are worth over 158,000 words, but if youíre looking for informative text, donít look here. The book contains less than 10 pages of text including acknowledgments and price guide. Donít misunderstand, the book is lovely and well done, but personally I would have preferred more textual substance. The authors show us some wonderful examples of not only Bakelite but Lucite jewelry, purses and accessories and many of these pieces would make even a hardened collectorís pulse race. The photos are crisp and even minute details are sparklingly clear. Categories include jewelry, bags, scent bottles, watches, boxes, buttons, and tableware to name only a few. It is all interesting and entertaining to took at, but to be truly informative a book needs more than beautifully photographed examples. It needs words. Words that form instructive, informative sentences and it is here that ultimately The Best of Bakelite fails to deliver. Still, it does have gorgeous pictures. A great coffee table book, but not for everyone.


Review reprinted with permission

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