Great Designers Celebrity Style

by Penny Proddow and Marion Fasel
review by Anna Ferreira

Photo of book cover for "Bejeweled,great designers, celebrity style"


  Bejeweled celebrates the great jewelry designers of the 20th century, designers who impacted art, fashion, and style. This gorgeous book is filled with striking photos of their fabulous jewelry…even more striking are the photos of the women who wore it - the rich, the famous, the trendsetters. Jackie, The Duchess of Windsor, Marlene Dietrich, even Gweneth Paltrow, to name but a few, are pictured wearing the jewelry that reflected their status in society, as well as their personal style. 

For example, we see Rebecca Harness, glamorous patroness of the arts, in a see-through dress, wearing a Dali bejeweled starfish clinging to her left breast. In contrast is artist Georgia O’Keefe starkly dressed, wearing a Calder metal "OK" brooch over her heart. Beautiful jewels and such personal style abound throughout the book.

Thirteen comprehensive chapters cover the 1900s from "The Big Names" e.g. Tiffany, Cartier) to "JAR" (Joel Arthur Rosenthal) and illustrate the diversity of jewelry styles which reflected "the constant changes in the economy, lifestyle, technology, fashion and art" of these years. From the vintage photo of society matron Mrs. Gould, tightly-corseted and wasp-waisted, wearing $1,000,000 Tiffany pearls to one of Elsa Peretti in her Diamonds by the Yard necklace over a business suit, we can see how cultural changes contributed to making the 20th century an extraordinary era of jewelry.

Bejeweledwill bedazzle you.


Review reprinted with permission from VFCJ and the author

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