5,000 Years of Jewelry

By: Sabine Albersmeier 
review by 
Kristin Lizewski

A photo of the book cover from "Bedazzled, 5000 years of Jewelry".


With a gorgeous first century Greek bracelet - gold with garnets, emeralds and pearls - set against a black background, the cover of Bedazzled catches any jewelry enthusiasts' eye.

The book is a showcase of Henry Walter's amazing collection of jewelry from some of the world's most famous designer's, including Tiffany & Co. to Rene Lalique. 

Flipping through the little book of beauty, there are images of The Walter's Art Museum's most prized possessions, such as the Greek Hoop Earring with the Lion Head, circa 4th century B.C., and an inscribed Marriage Ring from the Byzantine Empire.  

The book also features gorgeous English jewels from the 13th century, including a breathtaking gold inscribed ring, containing a half inch wide malachite stone.

Malachite, a green stone thought to be found on the head of a toad, is said to have healing powers and was worn on a Bishop's third finger.  Little historical facts such as this accompany each picture, giving the reader a little insight into when the jewelry was created, why, and to what purpose it served - from holding a healing presence to simply dazzling the viewer!  You will not be disappointed with this book!

For more information on the Walter Art Museum's jewelry collection, see Stubbs & the Horse, another catalogue of a jewelry exhibition at the museum circa 2005.


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