Beautiful Button Jewelry

by Susan Davis
review by Linda Guilbert

Are you looking to encourage someone to begin button collecting? All the information and inspiration you can imagine is here, in Susan Davis’s Beautiful Button Jewelry.

Every picture in this charming book is beautifully photographed displaying the clever jewelry created from highly collectible buttons, as well as those buttons that can be more commonly found, possibly in your attic! And, each photograph may evoke memories of button boxes from your own grandmother’s collections.

The introduction explains a brief and very interesting history of buttons from the ornamental, discs of gold, glass, bone and pottery dating as far back as 2000 3,500 years later and the Crusaders who brought the concept of the button hole back from the Middle East, and forward to the the “goofies” of the 1930’s, and the gorgeous, sparkle of glass buttons produced after World War II.

Chapter 1, “Get Started”, is a most helpful outline of information of the buttons, beads and tools required for projects that follow. On several of the project pages, Susan has also included many crafting tips, such as using nail polish to strengthen thread knots, or to stiffen the thread tip. And the Button Basics sections are laden with facts and ideas…use old typewriter keys as charms to spell out initials, or, do not store celluloid buttons with metal in an airtight container; the chemical reaction will cause deterioration of both the celluloid and the metal.

The projects range from simple to complex. Although I am a novice jewelry maker, I am most anxious to attempt pg. 90, Simple Stacked Pearl & Victorian Metal Brooches. Though some of the projects are surely beyond my abilities, each and every piece of jewelry created on these pages was inspiring in some way. For instance, although I do not have any bakelite buttons or charms, the adorable creation of Bakelite Babies on pg. 118 has given me ideas for my accumulation of loose pearls and Christmas ornaments!

Novice jewelry maker, accomplished beadier, or avid button collector; each will surely find many projects, tips and much inspiration in this delightful book.


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