Bakelite Jewelry

by Donna Wasserman & Leslie Pina
review by Sandra Todaro

The book cover from "Bakelite Jewelry Good-Better-Best"


  Authors Donna Wasserman and Leslie Pina are to be congratulated. Their book, Bakelite Jewelry, is one collectors will welcome. Filled with wonderful color photographs depicting a wide variety of pieces, it is a feast for the eyes. 

But there is more. It also offers food for the brain in the form of answers. Answers to questions all collectors have asked themselves or someone else at some point in their collecting. More than just a pretty picture book, this volume addresses some of the common as well as other, more esoteric questions concerning this sought after form of jewelry. 

Current prices in this area make mistakes costly and collectors will find this a valuable resource on the subject. Topics range from how to determine if a piece is old or new, to discussing "warehouse finds," game pieces, painted Bakelite, polishing one’s pieces and distinguishing Bakelite from other similar plastics, to name but a few. 

Clear illustrations are provided along with each answer to help the reader visualize and process the information given. Those new to collecting Bakelite will find this book indispensable. More seasoned collectors will also want to add it to their research library.



Review reprinted with permission from Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry and the author

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