by Matthew Burkholz
review by Sandra Todaro

A photo from of the book cover "The Bakelite Collection", showing 4 outstanding bakelite bangles.


Matthew Burkholz, author of Copper Art Jewelry, has produced yet another slant on the plastic jewelry phenomenon. The Bakelite Collection highlights prominent die-hard collectors from across the nation and shows us the fruits of their colleting labors. Within the glossy pages, one meets Cindy, a lover of Bakelite bracelets: Meri, whose first Bakelite purchase was one of the famed "Philadelphia" bracelets; Fran, a collector of fine Art Deco jewelry with an eye for celluloid and rhinestone bangle bracelets, as well as carved figural pieces and Sally and Herbie, collectors of jewelry as well as "all sorts of things conceived and executed in Bakelite." Their stories as well as several others are told amid hundreds of examples of some of "the best of the best" of Bakelite jewelry. If your heart quickens, your pulse races and you have a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach when confronted with a heavily carved, "apple juice" Bakelite bangle, this book is for you.


Review reprinted with permission

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