The Art of Jewelry Design
From Idea to Reality

By Elizabeth Olver
review by Andrea Guyot Twombly


A photo of the book cover from "The Art of Jewelry Design, Idea to Reality"

This extraordinary book, like a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry, offers much more than meets the eye. At first glance I thought, "Oh, good lots of nice photos and short paragraphs of text will be easy to read". Certainly this is true, but as the reader delves into it, the book reveals itself as a scholarly work, perhaps even a text book for college level art and jewelry making students.

The author, Elizabeth Olver, an accomplished jeweler and educator, it seems, assumes the reader holds a basic aptitude for drawing, writing, hand skills, jewelry mechanics, and materials characteristics. These skills are not possessed of this reviewer, but an appreciation for those who do have them grew easily as she perused the detailed notes on each facet of design, presented in clear, concise language.

The casual reader is welcomed with a visual feast of photos, sketches, and pages from design journals.

Including a brief glossary, a design check list, even help with developing a design philosophy, Ms. Olver has added a tremendous work to the world of jewelry books. It is a celebration of discipline that can be applied to any craft or project.




Review reprinted with permission

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