by Dona Z. Meilach
review by Anna Ferreira

A photo of the book cover of "Art Jewelry Today" featuring a number of modern jewelry pieces.


Art Jewelry Today by Dona Z. Meilach, is a feast for the eyes. Evident in beautiful photographs are the vivid, creative imaginations and skills of today’s jewelry artists, the reader will literally gasp at the uniqueness, originality, cleverness and expression in these one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. The designs, in gold, silver, mixed metals, found objects, glass and enamels are wearable fine art. 

Chapter One "More than Meets the Eye," and Chapter Two "How Does Jewelry Happen?" give the reader a view into the world of today’s craftspeople/artist/innovators, and help us understand their ideas, motives and methods for creating their masterpieces.

This book will guide those who are desirous of buying, wearing and collecting truly spectacular jewelry, and quite simply, please the eye and heart of any admirer of beautiful things.

Review reprinted with permission from Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry and the author

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