Metals Technic
A collection of Techniques for Metalsmiths

Editor: Tim McCreight
review by
Therese Martin

A photo of the book cover of "Metals Technic"

A collection of 9 authors | Publisher: Brynmurgen | Press June 1997 |Language: English | Pages: 160 |Line Drawings | ISBN-10# 0961598476

Metals Technic is a reference book with a wealth of information given in nine concise chapters. The text is easy to understand, making the techniques you will learn from this book obtainable and successful in your pursuit to add more skills to your knowledge base. Each author is well known for their work in the field they have written about, giving you a list of tools, supplies and equipment need to perform each technique.

They also describe the techniques used and how to perform them from the knowledge they have on each subject, presenting “Do’s and Don’ts”, list of suppliers, list of resources, and recommended reading. The nine chapters describe the techniques used in everything from sterling granulation, cold connections to reticulation. The line drawings are beautiful and very helpful also, showing how and what the procedures looks like. With this book you learn from the authors who perform these techniques, giving you an advantage of researching other work they have done, adding to your knowledge base.

I believe this book should be on every jeweler’s bookshelf, so as to consult to it from time and time.


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