Costume Jewelry
A practical handbook & value guide by Fred Rezazadeh
Collector Books (a division of Schroeder Publishing Co.) copyright 1998
Review by Pam Brown

A photo of the cover of "Costume Jewelry, a practical handbook and value guide."


  This is a wonderfully colorful book with just over 250 pages of inspiring pieces of jewelry from the turn of the century though about 1970. The vast majority of pieces included are metal with the dutiful nod to celluloid, Bakelite and Lucite. 

"Costume Jewelry" is a broad introduction to jewelry that may help you to determine a manufacturing style you are particularly interested in emulating or studying. It contains nine chapters covering information such as: basic introduction to costume jewelry including displaying, cleaning and repair; American made and imported styles; unmarked jewelry; styles in semi-precious metals as well as base metals; pricing and plastics. 

There are many wonderful color pictures on almost every page along with discussions of the manufacturers, how the pieces were marked, the dates the companies produced jewelry, and estimated prices for the lines.

 I personally enjoy looking at the book for the design ideas that can be inspired by the filigree pieces and try and determine ways in which to incorporate modern beads and filigree to attempt to replicate a simple version of the designs.

Even the Bibliography can lead you to more and more ideas once you have determined a style of jewelry you prefer.



Review reprinted with permission from Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry and the author

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