1000 Rings  
Editor: Martha Le Van  
review by Therese Martin

A photo of Lark Books "1000 Rings" showing an "art ring"

Lark Books 2004 | Color Photographs |  420 pages   |  ISBN-10:1579905080

1000 Rings, Inspiring Adornments for the Hand, is a beefy little pictorial book giving the reader a taste of the glorious, splendid and most unusual rings that have been created today. 

Through thousands of photographic entries sent in, the judge, Robert Ebendorf, must have had a very hard decision to make. These thousand rings are brought to the reader through close up photographs, descriptions of materials used and what process was done to achieve it. 

The title of the pieces also gives the reader a look into what the artist may have been imagining when designing their rings. Some of the rings come with a little narrative about the artist work shown, adding yet another glance into the creators craftsmanship. Some of the rings in this book are titled “art jewelry”, not necessarily to be worn, but never the less most beautiful and thought provoking. 

As you could guess, there are one thousand photographs included in this wonderful little book, bring rings of all types to life. The last photograph on page 416 is of a ring on the ground in moss, by Christina Filipe, making you will want to play in the dirt again. 

Other titles on the same theme are, 500 brooches, 500 bracelets, 500 pendants and lockets, 500 wedding rings, 500 earrings and 500 necklaces. These books are for all our jewelry wonderment and fascination with adornment.


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