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A brief history of a brass filigree. 

An extensive and very beautiful line of brass jewelry findings in the mid to late 19th century and into the early 20th century was manufactured by a company called Watkins.  They were known in the jewelry field as "the Watkins line".  Sometime in the 1980's a manufacturer of vintage reproduction jewelry was combing through a stone dealer's warehouse and ran across a collection of Watkins sample boards.  Knowing that she had stumbled upon something of historic and great design value, she bought them.  

Not long after her discovery, Guyot Brothers was given the opportunity to view those boards and agreed to build tooling for an item that the customer had selected for its classic style and multiple possibilities. Guyot Brothers agreed that this particular item would make a fine addition to their own line, and a few months later, the first production run of 06701 was "hot off the press".   Since that time, that single round filigree with trim and dapping variations has grown to a series of nearly two dozen items.

brass filigree stampings used in jewelry and other arts

06701, 06753, 06755, 06754, and 07769, (the newest addition)


Where you get a sneak peek at what we're working on.

Call us crazy, but we thought the classic and ever-popular lovebirds connector would make an extraordinary bead cap.  If you agree, let us know, and we will send you samples and prices once we have completed the first production run.

stamped brass lovebirds connector and related lovebirds bead cap

5272, 07787

If you would like samples and prices of any of the above items (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include the item numbers you would like to see along with your name and address with your email.  



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