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Imagine having the chutzpah to go to Hollywood and tell a famous costume designer for the film industry that the jewelry they used in one of their movies was not historically accurate.  

And then to call the designer's bluff by developing what is now a legendary jewelry collection of nearly 3,000,000 pieces (yes, that's 3 million) that has graced actresses and actors from "Gone With the Wind" to the "Dynasty" television series.  More than chutzpah - Eugene Joseff had desire, drive, and a steady flow of creative juice, backed by family and workers who believed in his vision and the company he founded.  We would like to welcome Joseff of Hollywood to the Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame. 

Thank you to VFCJ and author, Carolyn Davis, for their permission to include their article in our website.  Ms. Davis' article about Joseff of Hollywood is a must read and includes some lovely photographs as well.

Joseff of Hollywood and Joseff: Jewelry of the Stars       

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Our thanks to Susan Klein, who highlighted Guyot Brothers in the March Issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine. 

Antiques and Collecting, which is issued monthly,  looks like a bonanza of information on where to find everything from vintage comic books and milk paint to Tiffany glassware and vintage diamond pendants.

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