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Our local newspaper, The Sun Chronicle,  will sometimes publish some very interesting articles related to fashion and accessories.  A recent issue included a  Associated Press article about an author, Allison Lewis, and her recent book, "Switch Craft:  Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew".

The premise of the book is that wired clothing and accessories are "approachable and stylish" and less complicated than one might think.  Referring to handbags and tote bags with LED wiring,  the author also suggests that even a hat with a pocket for an iPod or MP3 player reaches into the melding of technology and fashion.  

Of course, we at Guyot Brothers think in terms of jewelry findings, so the first thought that we had was, "wouldn't it be cool to use LED lighting in filigree clusters or other constructed jewelry items so the interesting details could be lit up - or be able to light up the inside of an intricately decorated Faberge' style egg to really show off the artist's workmanship?"

What ideas would you have with simple wiring and lightweight battery power at your fingertips?

brass filigree cluster

8352/5 filigree cluster

brass flower

07415 dimensional flower

faberge style egg with small cross, rhinestones, and book on filigree egg stand

Small Faberge' style egg 


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