Welcome to Guyot Brothers Irregular E-letter

We are pleased to offer you some new and updated items, shown below for your consideration.  As you can see we have been "busy bees" at the workbench and we hope you like these findings.

The 5712 beetle is now available with two rings or one ring, and the 5713 honey bee charm is now available with rings, top and bottom in addition to the one-ring, three-ring, and no-ring versions.

a photo brass bee and brass beetle charms

07802, 07785, 07785-1R

Adding a simple hole to an item can take a filigree fan shape and turn it into a classic for chandelier earrings.  This filigree has ten holes at the edge of the filigree for hanging beads or other findings.  Also available with 5 or 11 filigree "petals"

a photo of brass filigree fan shape with extra hole good for chandelier earrings

6160-10/W/095 (note the hole at the top)

For use as an egg stand, to hold crystal or semi-precious orbs, or even a decorative cup to hold finger rings while you do the dishes.

A photo of a brass filigree egg stand.


A folded hammered brass washer.  An interesting hand-crafted primitive look.

a photo of folded hammered brass washer for making jewelry


Our hammered brass teardrop charm is now available in a larger size as well, which can be fun for layering, or simply for a larger, bolder look.

A photo of 4 brass hammered tear drop shaped findings

07701-D, 07701, 07803, 07803-D

If you would like samples and prices any of the above items (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include the item numbers you would like to see along with your name and address with your email.  

On a sad note, we learned recently that Ruth Kamke, a fashion jewelry great, lost her home in the recent fires in California.  This news came to us via fellow member of the VFCJ (Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry) Association.  A portion of the email we received from Kassi Mercy notifying us of this sad turn of events for Ruth follows - " I didn't know if you knew or not but Ruth Kamke recently lost her home and everything in it.  She was in the fires in California.  If you would like to help Ruth in any way, please contact Lucille Tempesta, publisher of VF&CJ Magazine.  All Ruth has left if her car and the clothes she could carry". Those of you who are not familiar with Ruth Kamke will find Nick and Linda Tollemarche's article about this costume jewelry great inspiring.  


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