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An article in the Wall Street Journal about Monarch butterflies and their annual winter migration to Angangueo, Mexico in the Michoacan State, about 60 miles west of Mexico City, caught our eye.  Lincoln Brower of Sweet Briar College in Virginia, mentions in the article that the Monarch butterflies return to the same forests where their ancestors had been previously, sometimes even to the same tree.  Angangueo, now a Unesco World Heritage site, is seeing eco-tourism in the area on the rise.  Here is the full article for you to read if you wish.


Not long after noticing this article, we ran across an article at The College of Wooster website.  (If you have had to listen to Andrea brag about her daughter, who is now a Senior at The College of Wooster, the school's name may seem familiar to you).  The article is about recent discoveries made by a College of Wooster Assistant Professor, Michelle Solensky, and Karen Oberhauser, of The University of Minnesota in the mating habits of male Monarchs.  These beautiful creatures are also quite savvy, it seems.  

Butterflies have been a classic motif in jewelry making for centuries.  They are also used on plant rooters as embellishments, in stained glass projects, in scrap booking projects, napkin rings, even embroidery projects.  As a symbol of transformation, we hope, certainly, that they never go out of style.

A photo of 11 different brass butterfly jewelry findings.

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