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Back again at the 100+ Things to do with Guyot Jewelry Findings.  Decorative plate stands are an accessory that can be easily ignored, and consequently, have been treated as such from a designing point of view.  After all, it's the plate that is on display, not the stand...

Unless you want the plate stand to enhance the commemorative or expensive collectable plate on display, rather than just hold it.

Decorative brass stampings to the rescue again - covering soldering or welding joints, adding a subtle beauty to the decor of the plate, even adding height to the front of the stand for a bit of extra stability.  

You can enjoy this decorative plate stand article by clicking here


Where you get a sneak peek at what we're working on

We are updating one of our classic vintage style items to make it more versatile than ever before - we are adding two rings to the bottom and also making it available with two rings on the bottom for a "Y" neck connector.

classic vintage style jewelry finding for earrings vintage style jewelry finding with rings for hanging beads or other findings classic vintage style jewelry finding with 3 rings for necklaces and earrings

The original Guyot finding 5918 is shown on the left, with the newest version 07676 in the middle, and in the works 07740, is on the right.

If you would like samples and prices of the above tags (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to and we will send them right away. Please include your name and address with your email.  Thank you.

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