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Have you ever wondered where the costume jewelry, all glittery and sparkling, sitting in your grandmother's jewelry box came from?  Were you captivated as a child by the curious little owl brooch that opened up or came apart to make an entirely different piece of jewelry?

necklace connectors and brass findings for making beaded jewelry

Where was it made?

Who were the design and manufacturing geniuses who figured out a way to make thousands of exact replicas from a single model or rendering?

brass leaf and flower jewelry findings

Where were these people located, and how did it all start?

Only developed since the early 20th century, costume jewelry manufacturers have allowed the world to see jewelry accessibility with new eyes, making an inexpensive form of self-expression available to the common citizen. More than that, employment in costume jewelry manufacturing in America fed families, built neighborhoods - and even cities like Attleboro, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, which became affluent centers of jewelry activity, thanks to the ingenuity of talented craftsmen.

floral design brass stamping can be used as brooch baseBaroque style brass jewelry finding

To that end, Guyot Brothers is pleased to present their newest article on the subject of jewelry history:

American Costume Jewelry:

Placing Guyot Brothers in Historical Context

Authored by jewelry historian and past Tiffany Fellow at Historic New England, Juliet Friedman, this scholarly work offers interesting facts and insights into the origins of costume jewelry in America and its progression through the 20th century.  This article is highlighted with visual references.

We hope you enjoy this article and find it worth a referral and a bookmark.


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