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Here is a new filigree cluster we thought might be of interest to you 

filigree cluster for costume jewelry angel shape


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Also, we ran across the following newspaper article  regarding hair ornaments and renewed interest in them.  Many Guyot items are well suited for making hair ornaments and barrettes.  Some examples are shown here 

brass butterfly flower heart ornament suitable for barrettes

8998, 06864, 7356

06808-NR, 7331-D, 8264, 8266/2

To request samples (MANUFACTURERS ONLY PLEASE)   of any of these items, simply send us an email to samples@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them out to you right away.

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From the Attleboro Sun Chronicle April 21, 2004

barrettes from newspaper article

Barrettes are for grownups, too. All you need do, is look around. "We hibernate all winter," said Susan Rappaneau, owner of the Olde Thyme Shoppe in Norton, "and then we go out and want everyone to see us." Brides, teens in jeans, career women and stay-at-home mothers are adorning their locks with this sometimes sophisticated, sometimes funky line of hair fare.

Donna Kerner is professor of anthropology at Wheaton College in Norton, and teaches a first-year class entitled "Magical Hair." She covers inscription on the body and the impact of culture on concepts of beauty. "There’s quite a bit of interest in the body, and beauty and hair figure prominently from an evolutionary perspective because hair signals the health and youth of the person," she said. "From a social-cultural perspective hair is an interesting symbol because it is both living and dead, but we do all sorts of things to make it look healthy and shiny. Barrettes as an aspect of adornment would be to call attention to the wearer and their status, or to mark a significant event - this is my prom, my wedding."

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Rappaneau stocks barrettes in everything from fabric to Austrian crystal. "People are just enjoying looking pretty and it doesn’t mean you have to be all dressed up," she said. "Our customer base is into dragonflies, butterflies and flowers. We have them in all kinds of colors. Two beautiful butterflies made of fabric with some glitter added to them look striking on black hair."

Rhinestones reign at details - spelled with a lowercase "d" - a boutique in Providence’s college district. "We’re very girly. We love everything girly," said Cathy Levitt who, with daughter Meredith Walantis, owns details. "We have a lot of students, but I have a lot of mothers of students, too. They love anything with butterflies and florals."

Gabrielle, a clothing store in that city, offers tapered metal barrettes with semi-precious stones, ideal for adorning a French twist, a hairstyle worn by Dora LaRue, manager and buyer. She bought a barrette about 10 years ago and it has gone everywhere with her. "I’ve lost my car keys, but I’ve never lost that barrette because I could never find another," she said. This year, however, she noticed ornate barrettes in shows and ordered some for the store. "We have done so well, so, so well," said LaRue. "Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. It’s a must. They’re purchased by people who are wearing jeans to those going very formal."

blue pink simulated rhinestone butterfly hair barrette and model wearing hair clip from newspaper article


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