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Happily, there is a fashion that doesnít demand constant dry-cleaning or a stick-thin figure. itís called jewelry.  Itís been a century since Danish sculptor-turned-silversmith Georg Jensen opened shop in Copenhagen, offering sculpturally inspired jewelry and silverware designs - many still in production today.  His creative heirs continue to turn out innovative items for this still-thriving business on both sides of the Atlantic.  American-born designer Jacqueline Rabun has come up with witty Jensen centennial jewelry, featuring visual puns in its 100 Collection of sterling silver pieces. Rings, earrings, necklaces come in the forms of the digits 1 and 0, worn singly or counting out the total. Choose the Uno ring ($200) with a slashing 1 or the Zero ($250) with a polished concave disc representing 0. Or perhaps the 100 neck ring ($800), a pair of the Zero discs dropping from a torque necklace. Supply the missing digit with a pair of Uno earrings ($235).  

Today's selections 


For nostalgia, updated, Jensen offers the classic Daisy textured sterling silver brooch ($160), now colored with translucent enamel petals in sweet pink or warm yellow in addition to white.  Originally created in 1940 by Danish royal jeweler A. Michelsen to mark the birth of Queen Magrethe of Denmark (nicknamed "Daisy"), the new versions of this simple design are aimed at young buyers, Jensen says. Theyíre modeled worn on sleeves, belts, pockets, caps. Go-withs include Daisy earrings in a three-flower drop design ($95 or $160) and a Daisy ankle chain ($75).  The designs will be in the Georg Jensen shops by April 5, the centennial date. U.S. stores can be found in New York City, Chicago, Honolulu, and Short Hills, N.J., and new outlets will open later this spring in New York Cityís Soho neighborhood and in Greenwich, Conn.  The photo here shows a pin worn at the hip:

photo of model wearing a daisy shaped brooch


  • Things are downright rosy at Tiffany & Co., where design star Paloma Picasso, known for her smooth cabochon gems, has created a round pendant with a 64.85-carat rose quartz cabochon, set in a substantial frame of 18K gold with a snake chain ($11,300).

Tiffany also offers glamorous drop earrings ($105,000) featuring a cascade of 22 rare pinkish  natural conch pearls on free-moving platinum chains studded with 188 round diamonds.

  • At the other end of the financial scale, the young set can go for Earstrings, long slender silver chains that thread through the ear and can be customized with charms and beads. Prices start  at about $22 in silver.  
  • Or how about pave diamond-encrusted hoops ($5,500) designed by Judy Reinglass for Baby  Doll Gems?  These babies come with nearly 700 diamonds,  weighing in at 5.2 carats.  
  • And closing out her run in "Sex and the City," star Sarah Jessica Parker chose gold beaded spiral hoop earrings by Nicole Landlaw for her character Carrie Bradshaw to wear in the final episode. You can have them too, in either gold or white gold, for $675.

Here are images of some Guyot items which might be good use candidates for a brooch worn at the hip.  If you want to receive samples    (MANUFACTURERS ONLY PLEASE) of any of these items, simply send an email to us at samples@guyotbrothers.com

             brass filigree and brass flower suitable for use in making costume jewelry

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