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What happens when Rosetta arriving at its target in outer space to send back back photos of a comet, and MAVEN sending back photos of Mars, is combined with Guyot toolmakers exploring textures with dapping tools? It looks something like this in terms of brass stampings, a new texture we are calling Moon Craters. 

brass stamped round pieces with textures that look like moon craters

Top Row: 07625-D, 07581-D, 07627-D    Bottom Row: 07628-D, 07629-D, 07630-D

Speaking of textures! Take a look at these new babies.

Round brass stamped pieces with abstract textures

07991-D, 07978-D

These abstract textures have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated, and a fantastic feature about them is that between the variety of piercing and location of holes around the edge that are available to use with these, between the two you have nearly sixty new items at your disposal. The hammered texture, sandblasted texture, and New England granite texture have been so popular, it seemed only right that we should add new textures to the mix. Ask for samples! Have ideas! Let us know what variations would work for you, and if we can do it for you, we will. They are 7/8" in diameter.

New England Granite

The family of New England Granite texture items continues to grow, this time with the new shapes and larger sizes, shown here. Like the other granite texture items, a variety of ring and piercing renditions can be available, so let us know what comes to mind! This organic texture is ancient, primitive even, in its feel. It would be beautiful with any number of finishes, matte gold or matte silver, antique brass, or any of the antiqued finishes for that matter would make the most of these minimalist, unfussy silhouettes.

Large round domed granite texture brass jewelry finding One-inch teardrop shaped brass jewelry finding with granite texture. Good for earrings, pendants Granite texture hoop for earrings. Stamped brass. Diamond shaped granite textured brass drop for earrings and necklaces. Good for use in multiples.

07990-D, 07997, 07998, 07999

As always, we welcome your comments, questions, and sample requests. 

If you would like samples and prices of any of the above items or items shown in the linked pages (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include the item numbers you would like to see along with your name and address with your email.  

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